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Our First Amateur Teen Squirter

OK, I’ll admin it – Glass Mannequin is known for it’s exquisite amateur teenagers, not it’s squirting teenagers. But when we got the chance to shoot the small woman Kyanna Raves and the little teen skank said she was a natural squirter we jumped at the chance to add a scene of her squirting. We had first met Kyanna when her creepy brother whored her out for blowing up his microwave. Her naughty sister porn  scene was her first but like many teens, once the little teenage sluts figure out that they can keep the cash instead of giving it to their creepy fucking brothers they come back and do a few amateur porno shoots for our other amateur sites. When Kyanna came back, we welcomed the little teen skank and her real big titties with open arms. Her squirting scene started with a handjob and the obligatory wet sloppy bj.

Kyanna Raves  

Kyanna Raves Giving A Hand Job

Of course, this crazy teen bimbo was here to show us how she squirts so after a good fucking, the little bimbo got on all four and decided to soak the perverted old gramps running the camera.

Kyanna Raves Squirting 

Kyanna Raves Squirting

Now I really love petite women but I’m not sure I lust after to be holding the camera when this crazy teen bimbo starts squirting – I mean damn, let me set the fucking thing down and stuff my engorged cock deep in her sloppy teenage pussy and finish by pumping a big load of hot sticky sperm all over her – hell, I’m not the one that supposed to get soaked. Of course, if you like this kind of thing, then Kyanna is the scank-a-licious teen slut for you. See more of her squirting – only on Glass Mannequin

Squirting On The Camera Guy 

Squirting On The Camera Guy

so goodbye for now – and be sure to check out this naughty tramp squirting on Glass Mannequin today.


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