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Colorado Amateur Has A Tight Teen Pussy

Tight Teen PussyWhat do you do when you really want to fuck a girl and you can’t ditch her boyfriend? Get her to fuck her boyfriend while you film it…..

Anistaija was one of my first models and I’ve always found her petite teen body to be very sexy. During her first nude photo shoot, this sexy Colorado teenager explained to me that her boyfriend wouldn’t eat her pussy. Now being the upstanding gentleman that I am, I just had to show her what it was like to have her tight teen pussy eaten by a pro. The little cunt had 3 orgasms, one after the other, before I was done and she was hooked.

It didn’t take me long to introduce her to girls. I even got to film her first girl-on-girl sex. Soon she was fucking as many of my amateur porn models as she could. The next step was to find some cute guy with a big cock to fuck her on camera.

When I mentioned this to her boyfriend, Ricky, he jumped at the chance to fuck her on camera. Ricky had never worked in porn before but he rose to the task and fucked this little tramp hard. He even offered to come back and work with her and my other models anytime I needed him – go figure!

The little fucker did come back and even managed to talk the little cunt into doing an anal porn video with him. Then he fucked his way through a few more amateur porn models – most with the help of his little teen slut.

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Latina Amateur Porn StarI just released 28 free nude pictures of Glass Mannequin model “Faith”. Faith Vega started working for us right after her 18th birthday. I have taken over 6,000 nude softcore and hardcore pics and a good dozen videos of this sexy Latina teenager.

Faith has a liking for other girls and has starred in a number of lesbian porn videos as well as hardcore videos. She also likes her dildos – I think this horny amateur porn star has stuffed every sex toy we own up her thigh teen pussy.

At first Faith was a little reserved and was a bit shy about showing her pussy on camera but she soon relaxed and was fingering her clit for the world to see.

Faith has one of the prettiest pussies of any model I’ve ever worked with. You can tell when she’s getting excited as her pink clit starts to swell and her tight pussy starts to get wet. Like so many amateur porn models, Faith gets very turned on by posing for the camera.

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Amateur Latina Pornstar Eva

Latina Amatuer PornDo you like sexy Latina women? I sure as hell do and Eva is as fine a lookin woman as I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. Eva was working as an accountant when we met but it didn’t take me long to talk this sexy Latina amateur out of her pants and in front of the camera. Eva did an even dozen amateur photo shoots with us and 4 videos. Her first lesbian video was awesome. Eva and Lady knew each other but the girls had never been together. Their first amateur lesbian shoot was scheduled for Sunday – both girls arrived early and were kissing and goofing off as I was setting up the lights. By the time I was ready, they were both so horny that the got right down to munching pussy and stuffing fingers up each other’s pussies.

This picture was taken the next day when Eva came over to the house. Originally from Pueblo, CO Eva now lives near Denver and commutes to Colorado Springs to have me take pictures for our porn site. Eva had stayed in town after her lesbian shoot with Lady and so I jumped at the opportunity to get more nude pictures of this sexy Latina.

It was pretty warm out so I set up a water mister in the greenhouse and Eva started getting all wet. Wearing only a white t-shirt and a pink t-bar, she started playing with herself in the water. She was soon naked and fingering her tight little cunt for the camera.

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Jayda - Teen amateur pornCall me strange but as I look out my window at the snow today, I decided to edit an outdoor amateur porn photo shoot for the web site. Jayda and I were on a road trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado last June and we camped near Rabbit Ears Pass outside of Steamboat Springs. I slept late and when I awoke, Jayda was not in the tent so I went looking for her – lucky for me, I always carry my camera in the woods and when I found Jayda, she was perched on a rock in the morning sun stuffing a huge green dildo in her tight teen pussy. I got off a few pictures of her fucking herself with the dildo before she realized I was there. When she saw me, she smiled and continued to masturbate with the green sex toy. Jayda had done a number of pron videos for me and was not the least bit shy about spreading her teen pussy so I could get a few closeups of her sweet teen pussy. After her first orgasm, she set the dildo down and continued to finger her swollen clit. Kicking her legs in the air and curling her toes, she moaned as she reached her second climax.

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Lady Is A Nasty Lesbian And Thena Loves Her For It

Teen Lesbians - Lady and ThenaLady had just turned 18 when I met her but she already bragged about having fucked over 100 girls. I guess that makes Thena number 101 – LOL – 101 Lesbians…. She did admit to having fucked one guy – guess he wasn’t all that good cuz she never tried it again. As a devote lesbian, Lady took charge of the less experienced bi-sexual teenager Thena Lady got rigt to work and soon had Thena crawling all over the bed as she proceeded to finger and lick her sweet teen cunt.

Lady had done two or three lesbian videos before this shoot but
Thena was a true porn amateur and having a fresh teen to fuck had Lady horny as hell. Thena was a quick learner and was soon licking Lady’s cunt like a true lesbian. The two girls soon forgot that I was taking pictures as they lady-fucked each other to orgasm. I’ve filmed hundreds of lesbian photo shoots and this is one of the hottest I’ve ever seen – these girls truly enjoyed lesbian fucking – and I truly enjoyed watching them – I’m sure you’ll enjoy their lesbian romp as much as I did.

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Josie and Lezlie’s First Lesbian Video Shower Sex

Teen Amateur Lesbians Josie and LezlieI’ve known Josie for a while but I never know she was a lesbian. One day when we were hanging out at the club, Josie asked if I would like to film her and Lezlie in the shower. I grabbed my camera equipment and off we went to my place.

Josie had done a few glamor shoots for me but had never done nude pictures before and I had just met Lezlie that night. Once at my place, it didn’t take these two hot teen lesbians long to get naked and into the shower. It all started out innocent enough but the two were soon licking pussy and fingering each other’s cunts. The girls were so into each other that they forgot I was there. Josie is one sexy little teen cunt and apparently she was pretty good at licking pussy The way she eating pussy because Lezlie came at least twice before switching roles and eating Josie’s pussy. As I filmed these to teen lesbians, I couldn’t help but get aroused. The way Josie moaned as Lezlie fingered her tight little cunt while at the same time licking her engorged clit. Anyway, I managed to get a few dozen super pictures of these two amateur lesbians before my camera fogged up completely from the steam.

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Colorado Springs Girl’s First Amateur Porn Shoot

Teen HardcoreAnistaija had just turned 18 when she decided to do amateur teen porn for I had worked with one of her friends and Anistaija had heard that we were looking for sexy teen girls in the Colorado Springs, CO area to pose nude for our teen amateur porn site.When Anistaija showed up at my doorstep she was a nervous wreck. She needed the money so that she could pay her rent but she had never taken her clothes off in front of the camera before. Well, it took some time to get this sexy teen relaxed but her clothes came off soon enough and she spread her teen pussy for the world to see.

After her first nude shoot, she was so excited she agreed to come back and over the next few months, I took over 12,000 pictures and 23 videos of this tight teen amateur fucking, sucking and playing with her girlfriends. Anistaija is proof that Colorado produces some of the finest amateur porn stars on the internet.

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